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1. POLY Profile 

Poly Australia (Poly) is the Australian division of the listed international property development company, Poly Real Estate Group Limited.

Founded in 1992, Poly Real Estate Group Limited listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2006 and operates in Australia, UK, USA and China. The company has over 25 years of experience in property development.

Since entering Australia in January 2015, Poly is currently developing a number of major residential developments in Melbourne and Sydney and has long term ambitions for the Australian marketplace. Poly’s current projects include ‘Poly Horizon’ in Epping, Sydney; 'Tilia by Poly' in Lindfield, Sydney and the recently completed ‘Claremont Manor’ in South Yarra, Melbourne.

2. Scope of Application 

As an international real estate group, Poly Group aims to build a unified collaboration platform for communication, officing and decision-making. The scope of the project includes group portal, company portal, personal portal, and fundamental officing applications like document, meeting, schedule management. And with the development of mobile connectivity, Poly has established a mobile application portal for the whole group.

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