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The demand for information is heating up

Date:2018-05-16          Form:Seeyon

In recent years, the model of SaaS (software and service) has been rising day by day. Cooperative office has become a hot spot for all enterprise service manufacturers. The arrival of mobile office era further drives the heating up of OA software demand. At present, the domestic cooperative office software market is showing a three faced pattern. With the deepening of application and the intensification of market competition, the industry will usher in a watershed.

OA system products are one of the enterprise application software products with the most common application requirements and the highest product maturity. After years of market cultivation, the application of OA system has penetrated into most industries and has become one of the standard configurations of enterprise information construction.

China Software Association data shows that in 2017, the total size of the OA office software market in China was over 10 billion 370 million yuan, up 15.99% from 2016, and the growth rate of three years for three years was over 15%. The OA office software market has entered a stable development period.

The driving force of OA system product market comes from the demand for stock market application upgrading and the new demand of SMEs' incremental market. On the one hand, the demand for endogenous application upgrade of enterprise users is the core driving force for the growth of OA system stock market. On the other hand, the information driven process of SMEs in recent years is an important driving force for the incremental market of OA products.
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